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John Morris, Neurofeedback Professional

John David Morris
CADC-1, Certified Neurofeedback Professional

John is a Certified Neurofeedback Professional through the NTCB, and has combined his passion for helping others together with his business skills and coaching training to become a true model of what constitutes quality Brainstate Management Training.

John hails from the Main Line area of Philadelphia, and received a 12 year education at prestigious Episcopal Academy in Merion, Pennsylvania. After undergraduate at Ohio Wesleyan University John completed his MBA from Penn State's Smeal School of Business, John embarked on an 8 year career trading options on the floor of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. While lucrative, this lifestyle was ultimately unfulfilling, and John realized his passion and purpose was better served helping others transform their lives, and Reach Neurofeedback was formed.

Neurofeedback Training Approach & Equipment

John is trained in the Othmer Method of Neurofeedback and utilizes the Cygnet Infra Low Technology System developed by BeeMedic, both for Awake State Training and Alpha-Theta Protocols.

For more information about how neurofeedback can help with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, ADHD and more, please contact us today.